🌟New Year, New Health Goals 2017🌟


5 Tips to Help Achieve Your 2017 Health Goals!

1) Plan for what you want and then plan some more. For example, if your goal is to eat healthier this year, I recommend planning your meals 1-2 weeks in advance. This helps you stay disciplined and prevents you from becoming too “hangry” and eating anything that is right in front of you.

2) Give yourself time. Did you know that it takes 21 days to break bad habits and 21 days to create new good habits?! Make sure to include this knowledge in your health goal plan–it will help you to be successful!

3) Incorporate Acupuncture to reach your health goals! Whether you want to eat healthier, work out more or be less stressed– Acupuncture can help with ALL of these goals.
Use Acupuncture for:

  •  A 21 Day Cleanse to jump start healthy eating.
  • Aches, pain and injuries that can inhibit your heath routine.
  • Help with fertility and pregnancy.
  • Decreasing stress and negativity.
  • Overall body wellness and other health goals you may have this year.Click here to learn more how acupuncture can help you!

4) Avoid comparing your self to others. It’s tempting and easy to get on social media and feel like you are not achieving your health goals quickly enough. Remember to focus on your journey which will be different than anyone else. Living healthy is about making lifestyle changes for the long term, which takes time and planning for long lasting change.

5) The Buddy system works! Find a friend or two with a similar goal and a positive outlook to work with you. Like a co-worker you can plan lunches with or an exercise buddy to keep you motivated and make working out fun!
Whatever your health goals are in 2017 — You can do it! You got this!

Wishing you a Beautiful New Year ~

Sita Symonette, LAc, MAcOM
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